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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I wore a couple pieces I've had for years - we're talking like 6 years! I've had this dolman sleeve blue-green v-neck sweater forever, and it has held up nicely, despite being a cheapy 'teeny bopper store' purchase when I was fresh-out-of-school broke. Usually this style doesn't look good on me; the fitted hip area always seems to make my hips pop out, and the baggier midsection does nothing for me. But for whatever reason, this spandex/rayon combo works in this style. And I always gravitate toward this color. It's one of those that looks good on anyone (like most jewel tones!)

(By the way, 'teeny bopper store' is my term of endearment for all those mall shops full of crazy on-trend but mega cheap finds, $3 camis, $10 plastic pumps, and - what else? - teeny boppers. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I still shop those stores every now and then; Forever 29 sounds more my speed, and I always feel like I'm 60 years old just walking in the door of these places. My inner monologue sounds something like this: "Does the music HAVE to be THAT loud??" "Seriously, sweetie, no one cares about your boyfriend drama, please hang up your phone so we can all shop in peace!" and "Ewwww, there is no WAY I'm taking off my shoes in the dressing room, even though I'm trying on neon skinny jeans. Seriously, when's the last time someone swept in here??" Am I right, people?! But seriously, those stores are good when you need a few super-trendy items but don't want to drop a lot of cash on them. So, bright blue skinnies, get in my bag!)

Anyway, the pants are a bit newer, probably just 4 or 5 years old. They have a faint plaid pattern, but not the kind you'd find on a pair of 70s disco bell bottoms, I promise! You can barely make it out in the picture. The two pieces don't match, per say... but the go... so I guess it works.

I threw on some silver jewelry and my go-to short nude heels, (as opposed to my go-to 4 inch nude cork wedges, because I'm trying to tone it down on the higher heels...due to my creeky old-lady knees...maybe I AM 60...?), and I was good to go.

Top: Sevengate(?), probably Forever 21 for $10 or something. Pants: Star City, maybe JCPenney for $20. Shoes: Michelle D, Macy's clearance for $12
This is the bracelet that I added after I took the pic (Charming Charlie, maybe $6?) And the hair tie - I always have one on!

Fake diamond earrings: believe it or not, from a Carnival cruise I took with my family years ago. No idea on what they cost, maybe $10?
Ring: James Avery Mimosa Leaf ring, a gift from Rob on my 28th birthday

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