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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hair Side Note!

Just a random post while I sit at Rice Box waiting for our dinner to say I love my hair today! It's kinda weird and flipout-y in the back, but the braid is pretty sweet, considering it took me like 3 minutes!

Dining Room Table Search

Dining room table wish list:
  • round or square
  • pedestal style, for the sake of our feets...and for the sake of adding more people around it..
  • if it has legs, hopefully they'll be more interesting than just plain posts ("turned" legs, I think that's what it's called)
  • light in color: either white, antique white, gray, or light-ish wood (not oak)
  • somewhere around 50" wide
  • seat about 6 normally, but can expand
  • rustic but clean in style (not overly country)
  • chairs can all match, or just "go" - and don't all have to be the exact same chair
After searching for months, we haven't seen anything that fits the bill, within our price range (or anywhere near it). So I'm realizing I will have to compromise, create it myself learn HOW to create it myself, or find someone else who knows how to do that, and make them create it.
Found this one at Ikea. It's rectangular, but it might be ok...

Oooh, leaf! Rob loves a good leaf. He is really concerned with fitting many many peoples around our table, whatever we pick.
The stats.
The matchy-matchy chairs that go with it. Meh. A little country cottage for me.
Also comes in this grayish brownish color (or, as Ikea calls it, Gray Brown. ahh...)
And another one we found on the same trip:
More stats.
Pretty small to start with, but it also expands. (Side rant: I will be honest, I kinda hate oval tables right now. I don't know what it is, but they are way to normal for me. I will probably get something round or square and then change my mind in like 5 years, but I just really don't like the oval table.)
As for other ideas...
This beautiful piece of loveliness: HomeGoods for $129, if I'm remembering correctly.
 And this one:
And so affordable!

 Annnnd, my favorite! (and he is still there!!!)
Ahhh, HomeGoods.. I could really spend about $10,000 in that place. (Yeah, even though everything is super affordable. I could manage that easily!)
More to come, as we I keep looking... 


New earrings!! And they were all of $3.47 at JC Penney.. gotta love that :)