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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Summer Color

Even though it's October, the air is getting cool and crisp, and Halloween costumes are on everyone's minds, I thought I'd do a quick garden flashback to early summer, and post about the annuals I stuck in the ground back then. Even though it's a pain to plant every year, I like having different color in the flower beds, and I usually don't find perennials in a style or price range that I like. Until I do, whatever annuals I find at Lowe's for around $1are it!
flowers along the path
Petunias up front, and my lone Snapdragon left over from 2 years ago! I thought those things were annuals, but this guy has stuck it out through two winters. Don't mind the dead thing in the back... he was a goner from day 1!
Some sort of puffball-looking thing. I loved the bright purpley-fushia color against the stone on the house!
Purslane and some other drought-tolerant thing that I can't remember. The purslane took over and choked out the other stuff within weeks, that jerk!
Purple and pink petunias

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