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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Since I'm sorta re-launching this blog venture, I decided to jump onto some regularly scheduled blog prompts - you know, like What I Wore Wednesday, Meatless Monday, Miscellany Monday (which makes me think of Manic Monday - hmmm...posts about crazy Mondays??), What I Love Wednesday, Insta-Friday, Oh, How Pinteresting... and I'm sure that there are a thousand more.
So.. today we're trying this What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW) experiment. (Meatless Monday is never gonna happen in our house. I made the mistake of mentioning that Meatless Monday was a 'thing' and ever since then, Rob will call me out anytime I make something meatless... He may not notice it if it's a non-Monday. But Mondays are most definitely out! Haha) This could totally be both the first and last WIWW post that I ever compose, but I have the best intentions.. so you'll forgive me :)
Today I only had 1 clean pair of work pants that I feel comfortable in, so I started with those. They're these lightweight patina green cotton pants that I've had forever. They've faded out over the past few years, but it kinda looks like that's how they're supposed to be, so that works! I got them taken in at the waist at some point, so the tag with the brand is gone. Then I just paired it with a new gray 3/4 sleeve thin sweater, since it's getting cooler out...and then my go-to leopard print satin wedges. These shoes are great because they give the impression of cute little satin flats, but they actually have a small 2 1/2 inch wedge heel. They're comfy, but can make any outfit a little more glam with the leopard print (which we all know IS a neutral!) This ensemble would've been kinda boring with black or nude shoes - but that little pop of print at the bottom just makes it.
Top: OneA, TJ Maxx, $15. Pants: Either Limited or Express, via TJ Maxx. Shoes: Tahari, TJ Maxx, $30
Weird angle for a picture, but it works. I'll get better :) And yes, this was in my office. I had to sneak over to the corner because I was worried someone would walk in on me taking a picture of myself. How much of a dork am I?? Haha!
There is also something known as a link party, (or linky party if you're feeling cutesy and say things like "twinsies" and "totes" haha). But this whole blogging thing is somewhat new to me, I'm not up on the hipster lingo yet! I think it's basically adding yourself to someone else's WIWW post, so that others will see yours and visit your blog. Not sure if I'm ready for public consumption yet :) Maybe I'll try that next time...

Meanwhile...I was complimented on my hair today by my former supervisor. She told me it's getting really long and pretty (Aww, gee thanks! Really, it's long because I'm lazy and cheap - I haven't had a haircut in probably close to 9 months!) But I'll take the compliment!
Loving this style - I side-part it, section it out, curl the pieces with a 1 1/2 in curling iron, and let it fall out a little. Total time: approx. 15 min.

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