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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today's post is a bit of a sham - I'm not really wearing anything of note for today's WIWW post. I've got on a work polo, jeans, and tennis shoes, because some coworkers and I were supposed to go out to our storage facility and lug boxes around. Lucky for me, I can still post a great outfit because I take pics of my various work outfits pretty often. I put those pics into an album on my phone so on those days when I have nooothing to wear, Ior when I'm not up for piecing together an outfit, I already know what works together. It's my version of Cher's spinning closet with her outfit-matchy computer program thing. Except without the spinny closet part.
Anyway, here's one that I recently wore to work; coincidentally, it's pretty similar to last week's WIWW post. I got this great pencil skirt at TJ Maxx recently that just screamed "Please pair me with leopard-printed-something and gold jewelry!" Or, maybe it screamed "I am YOUR favorite color, I'd look great with your red hair, I'm Max Studio, and I'm only $19.99!" Whatever. It worked, I bought it, now I rock it. It really is gorgeous; this craptastic cell pic doesn't do it justice. It's a beautiful deep blue-green color, and the waistband is three bands of a satin-y, stretchy material. It reminds me of a cummerbund.

Top: Old, probably TJ Maxx for around $8. Skirt: Max Studio, TJ Maxx, $20. Shoes: Tahari, TJ Maxx, $30. Necklace: Sorry, no idea :(
Because I'm feeling uneasy about breaking rules, here's a grainy cell phone pic of what I am really wearing today:
Top: Black work polo. Jeans: Express X2 Slim W10 from about 5 years ago. Shoes: New Balance 730, TJ Maxx, $50.
Happy Wednesday! Onward to Thursday!!

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