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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Fiance EVER

Rob is the sweetest :)
He had his "Spring Break" Monday (the university used to give them a week off, but now it's just a day off), and I fully expected him to spend the day watching Step Brothers or Battlestar Galactica, playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and maybe going to see a movie. So he called me at noon when I was running errands on my lunch, and said he was just getting around to thinking about cleaning out his desk (one of the things I was hoping he'd do, but didn't really think he'd get around to until the day before I moved in..ha). I secretly wished he'd use his free day wisely, and get things ready for "the big move," but I knew this was NOT happening.
I told him I was bringing over a couple of boxes at the end of my lunch break, and I'd see him then. I went back to work, and didn't hear from him until the end of the day. He called around 4:30, and this is what he had done: cleaned out the whole desk (about 2 year's worth of old bills that needed to be cleaned out, shredded, whatever); cleaned out his closet and made room for all my millions of pounds of clothes; cleaned out the linen closet in the bathroom for all my bathroom junk; made about 40 trips back and forth between our apartments, moving every single box we had packed up over the weekend from my place to his!!! I could not believe he had done all that in one afternoon!! (Especially after talking to him at noon and not really hearing much excitement about pending chores in his voice...) So he told me that he was going to Main Event with Jay and Jami. And he so deserved it!!
I went home and had a living room that was messy, yes, because I AM moving, but all those boxes were GONE!!
What a great fiance I have :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Garage

So we are officially co-leasers of garage number 1101! Sunday we went to the office at Rob's (soon-to-be-OUR) apartment, and picked up the garage door opener. Yay.

I forced Rob to take a picture of each of us standing in front of it. He didn't resist too much, so I guess it wasn't too hokey of me. Haha.

Anyway, here are the pics. We are nerds.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving Day is Coming Soon

So I just realized that I'll soon be moving in with Rob - within weeks! That means I won't ever live on my own again! And we'll have to share!! Wahhhhh!!!

Time to start packing...

Also, he'll have to get used to living with a cat, something I'm not sure he's really considered. Or maybe he has, but he's keeping those dark thoughts to himself. He's allergic. So am I, but I take Allegra.