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Monday, August 15, 2011

Spring & Summer Yard

Some of what's up in the yard this summer. Some before/after shots for ya...

After: (mid-summer, Lantana planted in front of the Indian Hawthornes)

After: Updated 8/23 - the Lantana are now ca-ray-zeee...

Some of them have grown better than the others, for reasons I can't explain. But some color is all I'm after, so it works I guess.

These are the two to the right. The far right is also a different color than the others. (Lesson learned: make sure whatever you're buying has blooms, so you know what to expect!)

And this is the one that just can't get going. Poor little guy! He's front and center, it's like he got stage fright.

Before: (plain walkway, dying Chinese somethingorother on the left)

After: (baby Petunias planted along the walkway, Chinese somethingorother still looking decrepit)
After: (mid-summer, a shot of the lone Snapdragon left from the summer or 2010)
After: (mid-summer, the baby Petunias growing)

Ummm, except this guy... Uh, nothing to see here! Moving on!


After: (view of the new baby Petunias)

Before: (sad little Chinese somethingorother, there to bring your whole day down as you walk up to the front porch)
After: (mid-summer, looking so much better)
After: Updated 8/23 - this little guy has made a full recovery :) And the baby petunias have gotten huge!
Before: (the other sad little Chinese somethingorother, also dragging you down as you walk around to the side of the house)

After: Oops, don't have one. Stay tuned...

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  1. I'm so jealous of your beautiful yard! I wish I could have a garden in London! xx

    The Londoner