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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Find: Funky, Cheap Prints!

I stumbled across this awesome find,,  on one of my all-time-fave blogs, Young House Love on this post of theirs. These are two of the most creative cats I've seen. And they have a baby! How they get it all done is beyond me! Anyway, I guess the gist is that this Wallblank site posts a new, original print each week. The YHL peeps found this cute little print for their nursery:

At first glance it's just peas in a pod. But look closer, and you'll see that the entire thing is made of actual in the letter P. How crazy is that? I just love stuff like this. (Side note, I think the technique is called 'stippling' - I remember doing some stippling in high school art. Check out that random knowledge!) Bonus for them, they have a P last name; so it works as a monogram as well.

Meanwhile, if you're not really liking the current selection, and you need more options NOW...check out Wallblank's vintage section. It's chock-full-o-fun-and-funky-prints, like this one:

...this one:

...and this one:

How fun are those? (all courtesy of

I immediately emailed the link to the hubs (who probably saw it and immediately wondered, "Does she ever work??"  ...but that's neither here nor there...) Seriously, I already have a huge wishlist a mile long from this find. You can't help but go through it and mentally place the different prints around your house.

Backing up a little to the YHL post where I originally discovered Wallblank, they have a fabulous, custom, and cheap art idea that I MUST do now: frame interesting pieces of scrapbook paper in similar frames to create a wall collage that's tailor-made. I may be a nerd, but that's my idea of a good time!!!

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