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Monday, July 26, 2010


We painted the living room!! Wooo!! After debating over teals, beiges, greens, etc. for months, we decided on Seafoam Storm, a greenish/bluish gray color. It looks pretty freaking fantastic, if I do say so myself. Yeah, I'm gonna toot my own horn, because that was a lot of hard work, but the edges are practically perfect!

Our Lowe's friend, Justin, was working when we went in to buy the paint, and he suggested Frog Tape. I would say a combination of the Frog Tape, rubbing the tape edge RIGHT before painting, and doing the first coat on the edge with a super dry brush was what helped us get such straight corners and little to no seeping.
I used a tiny paintbrush, looked like a little bigger than one of those Crayola paintbrushes from when we were kids. First I rubbed the section that I was going to paint with a rag, to really seal the edge of the tape into the texture of the wall. (I did 3-ft chunks of the edges at a time). Then I just baaaarely dipped the brush into the paint, painted underneath the edge, NOT touching the edge where the tape met the wall yet...when I was sure the brush was super dry, I used that tiny bit of paint to fill in along the taped edge. This made the coat of paint very thin . Next, I used a 2-in brush to paint a border along that line. Then, I would either move on to a bigger brush for the section underneath that, or go back and paint a 2nd thin (THIN) coat over the 1st section - the part where the tape met the wall. Then that section was pretty much done, and I moved on to the next 3-ft chunk of space.

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  1. I love that color!!! I'm always trying to find interesting color names for my descriptions in my etsy shop. Ya know instead of Blue it's Ultra Aquamarine Blue!! Thanks for the follow! Now I am your newest and 1st follower!! YEEE!! :)